Reiki Special Talk 07 November at Westminster Quaker House


Experience the Wonder and Potential of Reiki Seminar and Workshop (Open to all)

Reiki is a healing method with over 5,000,000 practitioners worldwide. It may look too good to be true but has actual and tangible benefits. The secret of Reiki’s success is:

1. It can be easily learned by anyone (effects are not reliant on talent or individual aptitude)

2. Its effects can be easily felt, being a way to utilise cosmic energy to create great change in people’s lives.

3. Continuing to practice of Reiki is easy and effortless.

4. Although incredibly simple and easy to perform, Reiki also has a considerable depth to it, that reveals itself the more it is researched into and performed.

(Reiki has absolutely no relation to any religion or religious group)

Reiki has grown in popularity in the U.K. to such an extent that it is now employed by medical bodies and there are so many master level practitioners that it sometimes seems that every therapist is also a Reiki Master!

However, there surely cannot be any Reiki teachers who have as accomplished a record as Toshitaka Mochizuki, who has trained up over 40,000 Reiki therapists over a period of 20 years, with 95% of those who take the beginners course going on to the advanced level and having customer satisfaction levels of over 99%. His school is the most successful in Japan and surely unequalled anywhere in the world.

As the working of healing practices like Reiki and chi kung cannot be observed directly, they are often seen as somewhat dubious, so Toshi Mochizuki has come up with a plan that will allow anyone to instantly see and feel the greatness of Reiki, using the “Reiki marathon” technique.

This event is especially recommended to those who are curious about Reiki or who want to try it out.

Despite his great success today, having placed in the top 10 of the Amazon Japan e-book charts numerous times and leading seminars with up to 1000 attendees, 20 years ago Toshi Mochizuki lived a hard and miserable life, having lost his job, crushed by debts and suffering from extreme eczema.

One of the things that saved him from this bleak time was a healing method known as “Reiki”. Realising it’s power, he wanted to share it’s effects and the happiness they can bring with as many people as he could and as a result of his efforts has now trained up over 40,000 Reiki therapists (as of June 2013), his independent school continuing to produce overwhelming results.

It is without doubt that Toshitaka Mochizuki is one of the greatest contributors to the resurgence and spread of the Usui style of Reiki, that originated in Japan, across the country.

In the “Experience the Wonder and Potential of Reiki Seminar and Workshop” Mochizuki will give a general talk on Reiki and hold sessions for the audience to experience it.

The “Practical Seminar on the Application of Reiki for Experienced Reiki Masters” is aimed at established master level Reiki practitioners and in it Mochizuki will introduce the surprising Reiki energy experiment and also talk about intriguing subjects outside of the healing method itself. This will cover the business aspects of being a successful seminar lecturer who has held over 4,000 events in the past 20 years, including the secret of how to talk in a way that will make 92% of people listening want to attend your lectures after listening for only 10 minutes.

This is an un-missable, one-off chance for those therapists, healers and councillors wishing to work as seminar lecturers and workshop instructors to hear valuable advice.


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2 Responses to Reiki Special Talk 07 November at Westminster Quaker House

  1. Moto Kawai says:

    Dear Akari, My name is Moto.I attended the session on Thursday. (I am a friend of Yuki Tokeshi, young and exelent interpreter of the event.) Thank you for your organization. It was for me the very first time to know about Reiki but I was very impressed by it and would like to learn more about it. What is the next step? I live in North London. Where is the nearest place? It would be nice if you cound give me some information about how to start. Thank you! Yours, Moto Kawai  

    • Hi Moto,
      thank you for coming to the event and your comment.
      I am sorry that I just noticed your message on 05 December.
      I am teaching Reiki at my place in Berkshire.
      I will inform you when we set next Reiki class thank you.
      Akari xx

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