Reiki Masters Meeting 12th November 2013 13:00-16:00


Reiki has over 5,000,000 practitioners across the globe in over 100 different countries.
It has grown in popularity in the U.K. to such an extent that it is now employed by medical bodies and there are many master level practitioners.

This seminar will offer an opportunity for U.K. based masters to have a meaningful exchange of opinions with Toshitaka Mochizuki, the master who represents Japan.

The highlight of the seminar is without doubt an introduction to
the surprising Reiki energy experiment.
This experiment will be presented for the first and only time in the U.K!

Additionally, as well as covering practical Reiki techniques, Mochizuki will give candid business advice from his experiences as a successful and charismatic seminar lecturer, having given over 4000 seminars during his career, trained up over 40,000 Reiki therapists over 20 years, with 95% of those who take the beginners course going on to the advanced level and with customer satisfaction levels of over 99%.

He will present the secret of how to talk in a way that will make 92% of the people listening want to attend your lectures after listening for only 10 minutes.

For those who have already undergone attunement and become Reiki Masters but who wish to enhance their abilities even further it will be possible to have a re-attunement session after the seminar. Depending on the time available these sessions may be restricted to a certain number of applicants so get your application in early to avoid dissapointment.

What you will learn from the seminar
Practical Seminar on the Application of Reiki for Experienced Reiki Masters
◎The method Toshitaka Mochizuki used to effectively pick himself up and recover from rock bottom
◎The secret to making others feel Reiki energy without fail
◎The surprising Reiki energy experiment that makes people go wow!
◎The secret of how to talk in a way that will make 92% of the people listening want to attend your lectures
◎Mustn’t miss!!
◎How Mochizuki came to train up 40,000 Reiki healers
◎The correct way to use symbols
◎The differences between western style Reiki and Japanese style Reiki
◎A method for fully exploiting the applied power of Reiki


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