Relieve Morning sickness / Nausea with acupressure points

I am writing about the way to stop ‘morning sickness’ or ‘Nausea’ with using acupressure points because I had a client who was suffering from it recently.
Whether that upset, queasy feeling in your stomach is a symptom of motion sickness, a side effect of pregnancy, or an after effect of a recent surgery, I recommend the following two anti-nausea acupressure points.

p6 Acupressure Point

P6 (Nei Kuan). This is the acupressure point located three finger-widths below the wrist, on the thumb side. You should massage the point with constant pressure in intervals of three to five minutes, as often as needed for stopping nausea.



Stomach 36 Stimulation

Stimulation of Stomach 36, or St36, also relieves nausea during morning sickness. This pressure point is extremely helpful with stomach and digestive disorders. St36 can be found by holding four fingers together against the lower edge of the knee cap, above the calf muscle. The pressure point is found in the space between the shin bone and the muscle, four finger breadths down beneath the knee. The area may be tender, indicating the need for pressure in that spot.



In addition to these  two acupressure points, don’t forget to get ‘plenty of ice cold water’ and also taking  ‘deep breaths’ as well.

Akari X



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