My Reiki Experiment

My Reiki Experiment

On 17th December 2012 I put two fresh roses to different rooms, one was put to my healing room and another was put to the different room. Both were in the little pet bottles with nearly same amount of  water without replacing or adding any water for 7 days,and were getting almost the same amount of daylight but the little difference was the temperature in the healing room is usually  little cooler than the other room.

This is the photo of each rose on the first day(17the December 2012) of the experiment.

before reiki

I gave approximately 30 mins Reiki with relaxation music to only the rose in my healing room for 7 days.

Here is the result of  this experiment.

after reiki

According to my observation, the petal, stem and leaves of the rose which received Reiki had kept more water and still looked fresh even 7 days later but the other rose which looked more beautiful & lively than the other at  the start of the experiment became less lively and had lost its water in it.

I enjoyed seeing and experiencing proof.

I hope this beautiful Reiki energy keeps working for myself , my family, my friends, and my clients.


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