Wednesday Circle with Cain at ASH (Birmingham)

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wednesday circle brochure




Wednesday 7:30pm until 9pm


At ASH House

12 Poppy Lane,

Erdington, Birmingham, UK

E24 0EJ

Tel   +44  (0)121 350 9169


with Dr. Cain Evans, Ph.D.

Cain has 20 years experience of Spiritualism, Mediumship, Healing, Spiritual Teaching and Spiritual Philosophy. He has supported work as a Medium on the platform, Workshops, Circle work, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, Reiki Level 3 and continues to learn every-day Spiritual unfoldment and knowledge.



Important decisions that need to be made shouldn’t be done in haste or when the mind is overberden with lots of information that blurs your thinking. There is a need for you to sit quietly and ponder on the issues at hand before making any important decisions, clear thinking is going to be of help here. Whether you know it or not, every decision made is useful because they make up a potential future. However, keeping control of your emotions is one of the difficult things for everyone to do. But by keeping control of your emotions will help to make the decision that needs to be made clearer, not easier. The direction shouldn’t be swept aside with emotions or distractions, keep your eye on the future as this is something that you can control, the past has gone.

Although it may prove difficult for you to clear your mind of negative or distracting thoughts, the need to continue on your path is going to be beneficial to you in a positive way. Neglecting the future is very unhelpful and it is your responsibility to plan for the future by making the right decisions. Listen to the inner thoughts placed in your mind as these thoughts will most certainly be guidance, bringing a sense of direction or peace of mind. So, remember, my friends, to always listen to the inner thoughts that are placed within your mind as these are sometime useful and prove to be the thoughts that are the key to your answers and dreams of becoming who and what you want to be in the future.


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